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Hamanaka kelp

Hokkaido Hamanaka Tourist Association

Kiritappu Higashi 4-jo 1-chome 35-1, Hamanaka, Akkeshi-gun

TEL (0153)62-2111
FAX (0153)62-2229
Hamanaka Fisheries Cooperative 昆布製品北海しまえびほっき日帰りさんま北海しまえび煮つぶ
Products Scheduled sales period Selling points
Hokkai shrimp (boiled) All year round This shrimp is quick-frozen in vacuum packs as soon as it is boiled by fishermen while it's still fresh. The springy, richly flavored shrimp tastes even better than other species of shrimp.
Surf clams (in the shell) March – April These firm-textured clams harvested on the foreshore are superb. They are purged of sand and grit before packing and therefore ready for cooking.
Surf clams (shelled) March – April The clams can be used in a variety of dishes, including sashimi and tempura.
Processed kelp products All year round
● Boiled Hokkai shrimp for commercial use is available in lots. Each lot contains 20 cases and is cheaper than buying 20 cases separately.
● Products will be shipped using chilled or frozen courier services (e.g., Yamato Transport’s TA-Q-BIN) as ordered. Shipping charges apply.
Hamanaka Fisheries Cooperative delivers naturally grown fishery products from the foreshore of Kiritappu.

Processed kelp products, surf clams, Hokkai shrimp, particularly fresh Pacific sauries (caught and landed on the same day), simmered whelk and more
*Domestic shipping services are available (shipping charges apply).
*Please order by fax.

Chirippu Fisheries Cooperative
Address: Kiritappu Higashi 1-jo 1-chome 21, Hamanaka
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