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Hamanaka kelp

Hokkaido Hamanaka Tourist Association

Kiritappu Higashi 4-jo 1-chome 35-1, Hamanaka, Akkeshi-gun

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Chirippu Fisheries Cooperative 牡蠣粒うに秋鮭
Products Season Selling points
Stone flounder (righteye flounder) April – June This fish with a firm texture is excellent for sashimi and simmered dishes.
Whelk (large) April – July This shellfish has a texture rivaling that of abalone (a delicacy in Japan).
Saffron cod April – November This fish can be cooked in a variety of ways. Popular dishes include simmered dishes, hot pot, sanpei jiru soup containing vegetables, and deep-fried fillets *(April – June, October – December)
Rockfish April – December A variety of rockfish species are available, including gray rockfish, black rockfish, three-stripe rockfish, white-edged rockfish and yellow body rockfish. Each is served in its own way, such as sashimi or simmered dishes.
Righteye flounders and other flatfishes April – December Many species (e.g., black plaice, brown sole, roughscale sole, flathead flounder, barfin flounder) of fresh flatfishes are excellent for sashimi or any other dish.
Japanese surf smelt April – December This fresh fish from the coastal waters off eastern Hokkaido is excellent for deep-fried dishes, tempura and marinated dishes. *(April – June, October – December)
Tokishirazu chum salmon May – June This top-rated Tokishirazu chum salmon from the waters off eastern Hokkaido is a must-try.
Trout May – June This incredibly fresh fish should not be missed.
Hanasaki crab May – July This crab tastes best when it is simply boiled and eaten from the shell. It is also excellent for miso soup, tempura and salad.
Great sculpin May – December This fish makes a rich soup stock that is perfect for miso soup. The fish is also known as “nabekowashi,” literally meaning “a pan breaker,” among locals. This is because the fish is so delicious that people powerfully thrust their chopsticks into the fish to eat it, causing the bottom of the pan to break. The liver of the fish is as delicious as anglerfish liver.
Halibut May – December This white-fleshed fish is excellent for sashimi, meunière, deep-fried dishes, grilled dishes and any other Western-style dish. *(May – August, October – December)
Oyster in the shell June – July Oysters are a summer delight in Hamanaka Town. Those grown in the town are among the finest because of Hokkaido's cool climate and the town’s low water temperatures (along with abundant nutrition in Lake Hichirippu, which is located in a rich natural environment).
Keiji chum salmon September – November A rare fish – only one or two of every 10,000 salmon caught are keiji. It is fatty and delicious. Only registered products are delivered.
Akisake chum salmon September – November Only carefully selected silvery salmon are delivered.
Cod October – January This relatively large fish is in season during midwinter, and no part of the fish is discarded. The flesh is ideal for hot pot and sanpei jiru soup with vegetables, and the milt is excellent for vinegared dishes and tempura.
Fresh sea urchin in the shell October – April These top-quality sea urchins in terms of both color and taste grow in sea cages, feeding on plenty of kelp in Lake Hichirippu, which is located in a rich natural environment.
Akisake chum salmon milt October – November This milt is excellent for deep-fried dishes, tempura, dishes dredged in flour and fried until crispy, and simmered dishes.
Atka mackerel October – December This white-fleshed fish is simple in flavor and excellent for deep-fried and various other dishes.
Japanese short-neck clams (large) November – March These clams, grown in a rich natural environment, are large (over 5 cm) and contain plenty of flavorful components.
Slime flounder November – December This thick fish is excellent for simmered dishes (e.g., New Year's dishes in Japan). Locals also enjoy it as sashimi.
Sailfin sandfish November – December This white-fleshed fish has a simple taste and can therefore be prepared using various methods, such as overnight drying and grilling, dredging in flour and frying until crispy, and cooking in hot pot dishes. Its roe is valued as a delicacy.
Alaska pollock December – March Fresh pollock is excellent for dressing with liver sauce and for Jjigae Korean seafood stew.
Horsehair crab February – April This tasty crab, caught in midwinter, is filled with meat and plenty of crab butter.
● Other products
(1) Sea urchin pickled in brine (60 g, bottled) 1,800 yen
(2) Sea urchin for commercial use (Sea urchin pickled in brine,400 g) 5,000 yen

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Chirippu Fisheries Cooperative
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